Jonathan Cohen's Fluty Links

Low Flute Exponents

Peter Sheridan
Paige Long
Carla Rees
Chris Potter
Ali Ryerson
Marion Garver Fredrickson

Fellow Composers

Peter Senchuk
Kelly Via
Nicole Chamberlain
Phyllis Avidan Louke
Russell Scarbrough
Nancy Nourse
Gareth McLearnon
Judy Nishimura
Laurence Dresner
Esther T. Jones

Flute Choirs "near"
Washington, DC

Flutes on the Brink
Columbia Flute Choir
Baltimore Flute Choir
Woodbridge Flute Choir
Flute Cocktail
James Madison Flute Choir
Frederick Flute Choir
The Flute Choir of Southern Maryland
COSMIC Flute Choir
Flutopia Baltimore
Flute Frenzy
DC Flutes
Pennsylvania Flute Choir
Chesapeake Flute Consort
C'ville Flutes
Potomac Valley Youth Orchestra Flute Choir
Potomac George Mason University Flute Choir
Stonewall Flutes of the Shenandoah

Flute Choirs
Farther Afield

The Los Angeles Flute Orchestra
Pacific Flute Ensemble
Flute Cocktail of Minneapolis
The Heartland Community Flute Choir
Jewel City Flute Choir
Flutissimo! Flute Choir
The New England Flute Orchestra

Groups I Play In

Flutes on the Brink
Flute Cocktail
The Montgomery Village Community Band

Publishers of My Music

Falls House Press / Theodore Presser
ALRY Publications
Tetractys Publishing
Nourse Wind Publications


National Flute Association (NFA)
Flute Society of Washington
British Flute Society

Toy Stores

Carolyn Nussbaum (Flutes, Music, Accessories)
Flute World (Flutes, Music, Accessories)
Flute Pro Shop (Flutes, Music, Accessories)
The Flutist's Faire (Flute store local to Wash, DC)
Ogura Flute Works (US Dist of Kotato Flutes)
Eva Kingma (Low Flutes)
Flute Specialists (Flutes)
Chuck Levin's (Music store local to Wash, DC)

Instrument Repair

Jeff Dening (Woodwind Repair in Baltimore)

I'm still working on it ...