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A Suite for Bass Flute or Albisiphon Baritono and Piano Commissioned by Peter Sheridan
The American premiere took place at the 2015 NFA Convention.

This piece for bass flute and piano was written for Peter Sheridan on the occasion of his acquiring an Albisiphon Baritono, an instrument manufactured circa 1920 and designed by Abelardo Ernesto Albisi, the principal flutist for La Scala in Milan, Italy. Albisi designed a family of such instruments with varying ranges. The Albisiphon Baritono, having essentially the same range as the modern bass flute, including a B foot, is an upright instrument with a T-shaped head and a large bore.

Albisiphonics celebrates all three octaves of the bass flute and many of its moods from the unapologetically-romantic lyrical to brash staccato syncopation to contemplative to tender to exuberant to euphoric.

All movements of this piece may be played with a conventional bass flute. A B foot is not required, but may be exploited. The movements range in difficulty, for both the flutist and the pianist, with the inner movements being the easiest. Because of the difficultly of playing some the fast percussive low parts on the piano quietly, it is likely that the flutist will want a microphone to blend well with the piano.

Although this piece was written with the bass flute in mind, it is suitable for any flute pitched in the key of C.

The movements:

I. Early Morning Departure: After being awakened by the alarm and abandoning denial, we take a frenzied gallop through the preparations at home, race to the airport — and stand, vegetative, in line. Upon at last reaching the end of the line, we again tear off in a frenzy, hoping to catch the flight in time.

II. First Star: This is clearly a song: a song of longing, introspection, and hope. It just precedes girl getting boy and boy getting girl.

III. The Unfettered Mind: When unbridled, the imagination wanders to wonderful places, inquires, addresses sublime and frivolous questions alike, and moves on, perhaps to reach an enlightened or noble state, but always refreshed.

IV. Shades Make the Musician: Peter Sheridan posted a photograph of himself wearing wraparound sunglasses and playing his alto flute. He was the very picture of cool.

Performance time: approximately 10 minutes.

Listen to the premiere by Peter Sheridan. (In the second movement, he plays his Albisiphon, which was only willing to play one octave at the time.)

Published by Nourse Wind Publications
Available from Flute World

Temperamental Triodes

Winner of the NFA 2017 Newly-Published Music Competition

Temperamental Triodes is a set of four trios for Alto, Bass, and Contra. The styles range considerably: lyrical and beautiful, bluesy, edgy and fast, wild. Listen for yourself!

Combined performance time is 8 to 9 minutes.

Listen to the 2017 NFA Convention Performance by Two Redheads and a Deadhead:
Screw Loose and Fancy Free
Baroquen Red Lights
Published by Tetractys Publishing
Also available from Flute World

Legend of Llyn Llech Owain (Low Flute Ensemble Version)

Written at the Request of the NFA Low Flute Commitee for the 2015 Convention

Legend of Llyn Llech Owain (Lake of Owen's Stone) is inspired by Sir Lewis Morris's poem Llyn Owain: A Legend of the Vale of Towy and the many other stories of the lake known as Llyn Llech Owain in Wales.

Scored for 3 alto flutes, 3 bass flutes, and 2 contrabass flutes. Performance time: 4.5 minutes

Legend of Llyn Llech Owain as premiered at the 2015 NFA Convention by the Vox Profundo Low Flutes Ensemble.

Published by Tetractys Publishing     Also available from Flute World

Just Below the Rainbow

Just Below the Rainbow is a collection of 7 original duets, commissioned by Peter Sheridan, written especially for any combination of low flutes (but great for C flutes as well). Each is arranged three ways, so that the two instruments can be of the same key, or the upper or lower instrument can be in G (or F) while the other is in C. The pieces cover a wide range of styles and difficulty, and will certainly capture an audience.

Combined performance time is about 20 minutes.

"This book of charming duets presents seven pieces in versions for different combinations of flutes.... the pieces are well written and enjoyable to play.... The pieces are versatile and full of character, and this makes an excellent and welcome addition to the repertoire." - Carla Rees, Flute (The Journal of the British Flute Society) September 2011

Spider played by the Peter Sheridan and Emily Senchuk
Remembrance played by the Peter Sheridan and Emily Senchuk

A Perfect Nine played by the composer on his contra Tiny
What a Difference played by Joan Furlani and Jennifer Kirwin

And check out this great fun on bass flute and baritone saxophone:
Sao Paulo Shimmer, Just Below the Rainbow, A Perfect Nine played by Jessica Berton and Alice Bennett
Published by Falls House Press and distributed by Theodore Presser     ... also available from Carolyn Nussbaum and Flute World